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Procedure 05: Convert a form of judicial expertise office
Ngày cập nhật:09-12-2016


Order of execution

Step 1: The judicial expertise office wishing to convert form of operation from private company to company in partnership and vice versa prepares documents and submits them at the One-Stop Division – Hanoi City Department of Justice.

Step 2: An officer receives and inspects the documents as submitted:

+ If the documents are submitted in full as stipulated, receive and issue a return note.

+ If the documents are not submitted in full as stipulated, guide the organization to supplement and complete documents as stipulated.

+ If the documents are not under the jurisdiction of the unit, guide the organization to the competent agency as stipulated.

Step 3: An one – stop officer inputs the documents into the book and transfers them to the Judicial Support Division for solving as stipulated.

Step 4: The Judicial Support Division receives, inspects and completes documents, reports Director of Department of Justice to submit Chairman of People’s Committee of the City for considering and determining; in the case of refusal, it shall give a written notice specifying reasons for such refusal. Such office has right to make a claim under the laws.

Where any issue to be certified arises in the course of settlement, notify the One – Stop Division of giving a notice to the organization or re-notifying time for returning results.

Step 5: After results are available, the Judicial Support Division transfers them to the One- Stop Division to provide results to the organization  according to the return note.


Methods of implementation

Method 1: Documents are submitted directly to the Division of Receiving and Returning Results of administrative documents – Hanoi City Department of Justice.

Method 2: Documents are submitted  via the post system.

Note: Documents to be submitted shall be verified under the regulations of the law.

Place of receiving documents: The Division of Receiving and Returning Results of administrative documents– Hanoi City Department of Justice.

Add: No 1B Tran Phu, Ha Dong, Hanoi

Tel:  0433.546.151 or 0433.546163


Composition of documents

1. Application for conversion

2. Plan for converting the form specifying reason for conversion, status of the organization and operation of judicial expertise office, name, location of head office, conditions of human resources, conditions for facilities, equipment, expertise means..

3. Copy of decision for appointment of judicial expert as member in partnership of the office.

4. Decision for establishment of office.

5. Draft of new regulation on operation and organization of the office.



01 set


Term of settlement

12  working days after receiving all legal documents, where:

- 05 working days after receiving all documents, the Department of Justice submits to People’s Committee of the City for consideration and determination.


- 07 working days after receiving documents, Chairman of People’s Committee of the city considers, determines for converting the form of operation.  



Object of implementation

Judicial expertise office


Implementing agency

- The agency competent to decide: Chairman of Hanoi City People’s Committee

- The agency implementing directly:  Department of Justice (Judicial Support Division)


Results of implementation

- Decision for converting the form of operation of judicial expertise office.





Name of form

Application for converting judicial expertise office


Requirements, conditions of implementation





Legal bases

1. Judicial expertise law in 2012;

2. Decree No 85/2013/ND-CP dated July 29, 2013 of the Government detailing and guiding implementation of judicial expertise law.

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