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Procedure 1: Issue copies from originals
Ngày cập nhật:12-12-2016


Order of execution


+ The applicant shall present documents for issuing the copy from the original book. If the applicant submits documents through the post, verified copy of the document as stipulated shall be enclosed.

+ The agency, organization based on the original book issues a copy to the applicant, contents of the copy shall be true with ones in the original book.

+ If original book is not found or original book does not contain information for contents required to issue a copy, the agency, organization which is keeping the original book is responsible for giving a written answer to the applicant.

+ The applicant receives results in the place where documents are submitted or through the post (if documents are submitted through the post).


Methods of implementation


 Documents are submitted directly at the Division of Receiving and Returning results of the agency, organization keeping original book or through the post.


Composition of documents


+ If documents are submitted directly, original or verified copy of valid ID card or passport shall be further presented.

+ If the applicant submits documents through the post, verified copy of valid ID card or passport shall be enclosed, the envelope affixed with stamp shall specify full name and address of the receiver of the agency, organization issuing the copy.

+ If the applicant is a legal representative, authorized representative of the individual, organization issued with the original; father, mother, child, wife, husband, sibling, other successors of the person issued with the original if such person died shall prevent document used for proving relationship with the person issued with original.




01  set


Term of settlement


      Within a working day, the agency, organization receives the request or within the next working day, if the request is received after 15:00. In the case, the request is submitted through the post, it is made after the agency, organization receives all legal documents under the post stamp.


Object of settlement


Individual, organization


Implementing agency


Agency, organization is keeping the original book


Results of implementation


Copy issued from the original book






Name of form




Requirements, conditions of implementation


Original book shall be available.


Legal bases


 + Decree No 23/2015/ND-CP dated February 16, 2015 of the Government on issuing copy from the original, authenticating signature and authenticating the contract, transaction.

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