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Procedure 4 : Authenticated signatures in documents (applied for authenticating fingerprint and in the case, the applicant can not sign, fingerprint)
Ngày cập nhật:12-12-2016


Order of execution


+ The applicant who can not sign/fingerprint shall present documents for authenticating signature.

+ If the applicant does not use Vietnamese fluently, the interpreter shall be compulsory. The interpreter shall have enough civil behaviors under the laws, use Vietnamese and a language which the applicant uses. The interpreter is invited by the applicant or appointed by the verification agency. Remuneration of the interpreter is paid by the applicant.

+ The verifier inspects documents for verification as stipulated, if such documents are in full, at the time of verification, the applicant is lucid and aware and control his/her behaviours, verification is not under the cases where verification is not allowed, ask the applicant to sign/fingerprint in his/her witness and verification is made as follows:

*Record testimonials for authenticating signature in the form as stipulated.

*Sign, record full name, affix with seal of the verification agency and record into verification register.

If the document includes 02 (two) pages or more, record testimonials in the final page, if the document includes 02 (two) sheets or more, it shall be sealed.

+ For authenticating signature/fingerprint/disability of signing or fingerprint at the Division of Receiving and Returning results under the one- stop mechanism, inter-One- Stop, the receiver inspects documents, if the applicant is deemed to be eligible under the regulations in clause 2, Article 24 of Decree No 23/2015/ND-CP, ask the applicant to sign the document to be verified and transfer it to the person competent to sign for verification.


Methods of implementation


Documents are submitted directly at the Division of Receiving and Returning results of People’s Committee at the district or commune level or outside the head office of the verification if the applicant is a person who is old, weak, can not travel, is on remand, is in prison or due to other reasonable reasons.


Composition of documents


+ Original or verified copy of valid ID card/passport.

+ Document which he/she will sign/fingerprint.

In the case of authenticating signature in the document in foreign language if the verifier does not understand contents of the document, he/she has right to the applicant to submit further Vietnamese translation of such documents (the translation does not need to be notarized or verified for signature of the translator, the applicant is responsible for contents of the translation).

+ The applicant receives results in the place where documents are submitted.






Term of settlement


Within a working day when the organization, agency receives the request or in the next working day, if documents are received after 15:00. If results are returned in the next working day, the receiver shall issue a return receipt specifying time (time, date) of returning results to the applicant.


Object of settlement




Implementing agency


People’s Committee at the district, commune level


Results of implementation


Document is verified for signature/fingerprint.




At the People’s Committee at the district, commune level: 1,000 VND/case (in the case, one or many signatures are calculated in one document).


Name of form




Requirements, conditions of implementation TTHC


Authenticating signature is not made in the following case:

+ At the time of verification, the applicant is not aware and does not control his/her behaviors.

+ The applicant presents invalid or fake ID card or passport.

+ Document which the applicant sign contains information as stipulated in clause 4, article 22 of Decree No 23/2015/ND-CP.

      + Document contains information as the contract, transaction, unless stipulated in point d, clause 4, article 24 of Decree No 23/2015/ND-CP or otherwise stipulated by the laws.


Legal bases


+ Decree No 23/2015/ND-CP dated February 16, 2015 of the Government on issuing copy from the original, authenticating signature and authenticating the contract, transaction.

+ Circular No 236/2009/TT-BTC dated December 15, 2009 of Ministry of Finance guiding regimes of collecting, submitting, managing and using consular fees applied in the diplomatic representative agency, consular representative agency of Vietnam in the foreign country.

+ Joint Circular No 158/2015/ TTLT-BTC-BTP dated October 12, 2015 of Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice stipulating collection level, regimes of collecting, submitting and managing fees for authenticating copy from original, authenticating signature, authenticating the contract, contract.


+ Circular No 20/2015/ND-CP dated December 29, 2015 of Ministry of Justice detailing and guiding implementation of some articles of 23/2015/ND-CP dated February 16, 2015 of the Government on issuing copy from the original, authenticating signature and authenticating the contract, transaction.


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